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一、不定代词both/all/each/every1. both用于两个人或事物;all用于两个以上的人或事物,也可用于不可数的东西。 Both of them swim we...


1. both用于两个人或事物;all用于两个以上的人或事物,也可用于不可数的东西。 

Both of them swim well.他们俩都游得很好。

I don't like both of them.他们俩我不都喜欢。

All of us were disappointed by him.他使我们大家都失望了。

All was silent.万籁俱寂。 

2. each和every都含有“每一个”的意思,但是each指两个或两个以上的人或物,侧重个体;every指三个或三个以上的人或物,侧重全体。 

Peter and Bill each say they came first in the race.彼得和比尔都说自己跑了第一。

Each of the 50 US states has an autonomous government that runs that state.美国的50个州都有一个自治政府管理该州的事务。

Every man was eager to try his skill.人人都巴不得一试身手。

The training program covers every aspect of the job.训练计划的范围包括了这种工作的各个方面。 

3. every在句中只能作定语;each在句中可作主语、宾语、定语或同位语。 

Every man is not honest.并不是每个人都是诚实的。

Each of us has his own duty.我们每个人都有自己的职责。

There were three students who called and I gave a book to each.来了3个学生,我给了每个人一本书。

Each school has its library.每个学校都有图书馆。

The French and German each claimed the territory.法国人和德国人都声称这块土地是他们的。


1. either和neither 


Either of the plans is equally dangerous.这两个计划中,哪一个都同样有危险。

I want neither of them.我两个都不要。

2. no和none 

no主要用作定语来构成否定句,偶尔也可修饰表语;none表示没有人或东西,在句中可以作主语、宾语或同位语There is no need to solve it.没必要解决它。

It's no problem.没问题。

None of the others have lived my experience.别人都不曾有过我这样的经历。

We should surround the enemy forces completely and let none escape from the net.我们应该四面包围敌人不使一人漏网。

None of us said anything.我们谁也没说什么。


1. 当some和any用来修饰可数名词单数时,some表示某一个,any表示任何一个。 

I've read that story in some magazine.我在某本杂志上看到过这个故事。

You may take any of them.你可以拿其中的任何一个。 

2. 一般说来,some多用于肯定句,any多用于否定句、疑问句或条件句。 

We're inviting some friends over for dinner.我们打算邀请一些朋友过来吃顿饭。

He didn't get accepted to any of the colleges he really wanted to go.他没有接到任何他想去的大学的录取。

Have you read any of her books?你有没有看过她的书?

Ask me if you have any question.如果你有问题就问我。 

3. some也可用在疑问句中,表示盼望得到肯定的回答或表示建议、请求。 

Would you recommend some scenic spots to see here?你能推荐一下这里的风景点吗?

Could you ask her to translate some of these books for me?你能不能请她为我翻译这里的一些书? 

4. any还可以用作副词,常与比较级连用,表示程度,意为“稍微”。 

Things haven't become any better lately.近来情况并没有任何好转。

I couldn't stand it any longer.我不能再忍受了。


1. other前面常用定冠词,表示“两者中的另一个”,相当于名词或形容词,在句中作主语、宾语、定语等。相当于名词时,有复数形式others,表示其他的人或物。

I have two dogs.One is black and the other is white.我有两只狗,一只是黑的,另一只是白的。

Some people came by car,others came on foot.有些人是坐汽车来的,其他的是走着来的。

I don't like this dress.Show me some others.我不喜欢这件衣服,请另外拿几件给我看看。

She is older than me but my other sisters are younger.她比我大,其余都是我妹妹。

2. another表示“(三者或三者以上)再一个,另一个”,只能代替或修饰可数的单数名词,前面不用冠词,在句中可以作主语、宾语、定语、表语。 

One article is a ruler,another is a pen and the third is a rubber.一样东西是尺子,另一样是钢笔,第三样是橡皮。

Never mind.There'll be another one in ten minutes.不要紧,过10分钟就又会来一辆。

I don't like this one,show me another.我不喜欢这个,请让我看看另一个。

It is just such another.这真是无独有偶。


1. little和much用来修饰不可数名词,few和many用来修饰可数名词。 

But the manager pay little attention to me.但是经理很少注意我。

We haven't much milk.我们的牛奶不多了。

He spoke so fast that few of us could catch what he said.他说话太快,我们没有几个能听清楚他在说什么。

How many of you will come to the dinner?你们共有几位客人就餐? 

2. many a后面可以接单数名词,表示“许多”。 

I've borrowed many a book from the library.我已从图书馆借了许多书。

Many a young man went to the cinema.许多年轻人都去看电影了。

I have seen him many a time.我已多次见到过他。 

3. little和few表示否定,a little和a few表示肯定。 

Little remains to be done.


A little remains to be done.


There are few people in the room.


There are a few people in the room.


六、不定代词no one/none/every one/everyone

1. no one只用于指人,而none既可用于指人,也可指物。 

What if no one likes me?要是没有人喜欢我怎么办呢?

There were none for him to read.没有人为他朗读。

None of the word-processing machines on display here are imported.这里展出的文字处理机没有一台是进口的。 

2. 如果说“若干人或物之中一个也不”,要用none,谓语可以用复数,也可以用单数。 

None of us are/is perfect.我们谁也不是完人。

None of the money is mine.这笔钱没有一点是我的。 

3. every one意思是每个人或物,用于特指;everyone意思是“每个人”,用于泛指。 

She expects every one to work harder.她期望每个人都更加努力地工作。

I like every one of the books.我喜欢这些书中的每一本。

Everyone had a good time.每个人都玩得很高兴。


当all,both,each和every等表示整体意义的代词与否定词连用时,一般只表示部分否定。如表示全部否定,应该用none,no one,neither,nobody,nothing等。 

All of us are not fond of sports.我们不是所有的人都喜欢运动。

I don't like both of them.他们俩我不都喜欢。

Everyone is not present.并非每个人都来了。

Everything is not settled.并非事事都解决了。

None of us are fond of sports.我们都不喜欢运动。

Is it true that nobody loves a fat woman?没有人喜欢胖女人,是真的吗?

I know nothing about the accident.对那次事故我什么也不知道。



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