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介词的分类 1. 表地点:about, above, across, after, along, among, around, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, by, down, fr...


1. 表地点:

about, above, across, after, along, among, around, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, by, down, from, in, into, near, off, on, over, through, throughout, to, towards, under, up, upon, with, within, outside

Fish are abundant about the reefs. 暗礁附近鱼很多。

The helicopter was hovering about 100 metres above the pad. 直升机在离起落场大约100米的上空盘旋。

There's a hotel across the road. 路的另一边有一家旅馆。

The house stood amid maple trees. 那房子坐落在枫树林中。

The new dam will form a large artificial lake behind it. 新筑的水坝将会在它后面形成一个人工湖。

They sheltered beneath their umbrellas. 他们躲到了伞下。

There is a bus by the side of the road. 路边有一辆汽车。

The boat anchored off the fort. 那艘船停在堡垒外面。

There was a workman up the ladder. 有一个工人在梯子上工作。

He is waiting outside the door. 他在门外等。

2. 表运动方向:


The skier skimmed across the snow. 滑雪者飞快地滑过雪地。

Let's go around the town,not through it. 我们从城外绕过去,不要穿城而过。

Billy walked behind her all morning. 比利整个上午都跟在她后面走。

They marched on the enemy's fortress. 他们向敌人的要塞进军。

Instead of opening the gate,we climbed over it. 我们没有开门,而是从门顶上爬过去的。

He turned to his companion before he replied. 他转身朝向他的伙伴然后回答。

He headed towards the station. 他向车站赶去。

3. 表时间:





I'll be back at about 5 o'clock. 5点左右我就回来。

The meeting will open the day after tomorrow. 这个会议将于后天开幕。

As a schoolboy,he showed every sign of genius. 当他还是个小学生的时候,就显示出了天资聪慧。

We got up before sunrise. 我们在太阳升起之前起床。

He flew a bomber during the war. 他在战时驾驶轰炸机。

Will you be at home over Christmas? 你圣诞节期间在家吗?

It poured with rain throughout the night. 大雨下了整整一夜。

The airport did not become operational until May. 机场到5月才可使用。

4. 表除去:besides,but,except

He had other people to take care of besides me. 除了我以外,他还需要照料其他人。

We go to school every day but Sunday. 我们除了星期日每天都上学。

Everybody except me looks down upon him. 除了我以外人们都瞧不起他。

5. 表比较:above,as,like,over

Because of her beauty,she has managed to marry above her. 由于貌美,她得以嫁给一个地位比她高的人。

She is as tall as her mother. 她和她母亲一样高。

The child was like its mother in looks. 那孩子长得像妈妈。

I am not in charge of the department;I have two people over me. 我不是这个部门的主管,我还有两位上级。

6. 表态度:against,for,with

You'd better allow for the members voting against you. 你该谅解那些投你反对票的人们。

She announced for him. 她宣布支持他。

Are you for the plan or against it? 你支持这计划还是反对它呢?

Is he with us or against us? 他赞成我们还是反对我们? 

7. 表原因、目的:for,from,with

I'm pretty angry with you for not telling me. 由于你没有告诉我,我对你很生气。

She told him the truth from a sense of loyalty. 她告诉他真相是出于忠诚。

She flushed with delight. 她高兴得脸上通红。

8. 表结果:to

Wait until the lights change to green. 等交通灯变成绿色再走。

He drank himself to death. 他饮酒致死。

9. 表手段、方式:by,in,on,with

Are you to go there by bike or by bus? 你骑车还是坐车去?

Man does not live by bread alone. 人不能单靠面包生存。

She will leave on an early train. 她将乘早班火车离开。

They were speaking in Italian. 他们在讲意大利语。

They went up in the lift. 他们乘电梯上楼了。

The room is cooled with air conditioner. 这房间用空调降温。

She is cooking with animal fats. 她正用动物油来烹调。

10. 表所属:of,on,with

Wheat is a species of grass. 小麦是草类植物。

Mary is a workers' representative on the Board. 玛丽是董事会中的一名工人代表。

Leave the dog with me. 把狗交给我来看管。

11. 表条件:on,without,considering

Everything hinges on what happens next. 一切得看下一步如何发展而定。

Considering your age, you've done very well. 以你的年龄而论,你已做得很好。

I will not succeed without your help. 没有你的帮忙我就不会成功。

12. 表让步:despite,in spite of,notwithstanding

She swims well despite her disabilities. 尽管身体残疾,她却是个游泳好手。

In spite of his vices,he was loved by all. 尽管他有缺点,还是受到大家的爱戴。

Notwithstanding the heat of the sun we must go out. 尽管烈日当空,气温炎热,我们还得外出。

13. 表关于:

about,as for,as to,concerning,over,regarding,with regard to

What is the book about? 这本书是关于什么内容的?

As for your hope of winning the first prize, I don't know about that. 至于说到你希望获头奖,对此我没多大把握。

There has been some question as to whether or not the President will resign. 总统是否会辞职还不确定。

What do you know concerning this? 关于这事你知道些什么?

These men have quarreled over the price of a load of hay. 这帮人为了一车干草的价钱争吵不休。

Regarding the punishment,what would you advise? 关于处罚,你有何意见?

I spoke to him with regard to his low marks. 就他的低分数我和他进行了交谈。

14. 表对于:for,to,with

Fortunately for him,he can swim. 对他来说幸运的是,他会游泳。

It is all the same to me. 对我来说都一样。

She was always good with the unfortunate. 她对不幸的人总是很友好。

15. 表根据:by,according to,on

It's not fair to judge people by their appearances. 以貌取人是不公正的。

Fill up the form according to the instructions. 按照说明将表填好。

The meeting was postponed on the opinion of the teacher. 按照老师的意见,会议延期了。



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